Water / Dry Slides

Have a blast with our water and dry slides! Slides come in different sizes and designs to cater to your party needs. Each slide has its own qualities so give us a call for recommendations based off age and event.

*Prices below are for private parties of 25 people or less.*

18ft Tropical Waterslide ($239)

(35’L x 13’W x 18’H)

This tropical waterslide is 18ft tall. Climb up the inflatable stairs, with railings for additional safety, and slide down the waterslide into an inflatable pool! You will go fast so be prepared to splash!

16Ft. Dolphin Waterslide ($215)

(29’L x 12.5’W x 16’H)

Splash with the dolphins as you slide down this 16ft waterslide into an inflatable pool. The handles on both sides of the stairs make it easy and safe for even the little ones to climb up and slide down the waterslide! This inflatable is sure to make anyone’s party a blast!

18Ft. Hulk Waterslide ($279)

(30’L x 14’W x 18’H)

Race your friends and family down this 18ft dual lane waterslide! Zoom down the inflatable slides and hulk smash into the water below! The Hulk waterslide is sure to add excitement to any event!


13Ft. Hulk Jr. Waterslide ($169)

(20’L x 11’W x 13’H)

Slide down the Hulk Jr. and hulk smash into a pool of water! This shorter waterslide is perfect for the younger children. They will be climbing and sliding all day!

23ft high, 58ft long Blue Crush Waterslide ($399)

(58’L x 11’W x 23’H)

The ULTIMATE waterslide, Blue Crush! This tidal wave will have you flying down the inflatable slides and zooming through to the pool. It’s EPIC for any event!

16ft Fire & Ice Waterslide ($269)

(26’L x 14’W x 16’H)

Challenge a friend on this thrilling dual lane waterslide.

20ft Dry Slide ($259)

(34’L x 16’W x 20’H)

Don’t feel like making mud? Try our dry slide!

45ft long Wild Splash ($199)

(45’L x 11’W x 8’H)

Slip and slide your way into a wet and wild splash! You can even challenge a friend on this dual lane waterslide! Great for kids of all ages!

77ft long Lava Falls ($689)

(77’L x 20’W x 28’H)

Experience the thrill of our BIGGEST and FASTEST waterslide! Seated two stories high, you may even feel your stomach drop as you and a friend plunge the dual lane falls.

16′ Kahuna ($269)

(20’L, 12’W, 16‘H)

20 feet long and 16 feet high, this slide is a happy medium from subtle to extreme. The Kahuna features dual lanes so bring a friend when shredding the gnar.

13′ Toxic ($199)

(26’L, 13.3’W, 13’H)

A dual lane waterslide great for little kids. I must warn, the fun is addicting but don’t you know that it’s toxic?

21ft Paradise Plunge ($389)

(57’L, 14’W, 21’H)

Bring paradise to your party with the Paradise Plunge waterslide. This slide is a tropical paradise perfect for a hot day.